Mitocarn Weight


MitoCarn™ Weight MitoCarn™ Weight supports healthy metabolic activity through a sustained increase in fatty acid oxidation and helps the body convert fat to ATP energy in cells. Studies also show that adequate levels of L-Carnitine in the muscles can help minimize fat gain by increasing the metabolism of fat and the amount of energy used during physical activity. MitoCarn™ Weight helps support healthy antioxidant activity, in addition to its mitochondrial functions, which may make it a compound that is beneficial for weight management.* MitoCarn™ Weight helps convert fat into energy, which may boost metabolic activity* MitoCarn™ supports insulin sensitivity* When you eat, your body secretes insulin, which helps regulate blood glucose levels. When cells become resistant to insulin, they are unable to use it effectively to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Insulin resistance appears to be related to mitochondrial dysfunction, due, at least in part, to deficient fatty acid oxidation. Oxidative phosphorylation is a complex process in which ATP (energy) is formed. Research found correlations between inefficient oxidative phosphorylation and increased oxidative stress along with triglyceride accumulation in skeletal muscles, which reduces insulin sensitivity. MitoCarn™ Weight supports healthy metabolic functioning and may promote increased insulin sensitivity. Optimizing insulin sensitivity has been shown to be beneficial for promoting weight loss in some users.* Supported Delivery Systems for Formulators MitoCarn™ Weight is a 100% active, high concentration of L-Carnitine designed to be used in: Liquid, Gelcap, Capsule, Tablet, Gummy, Powders
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