VivoMega™ Omega-3 Concentrate Fish Oil


In line with the Norwegian traditions, GC Rieber Oils maintains high standard of sustainable sourcing and activities: Production with enzymatic process, is an example of green chemistry at its finest! No harsh solvents are used during production Waste material (biodiesel) is used as energy for the production plant or sold as feed or fertilizer material Raw material sourced only from sustainable, fully traceable fisheries (Friend of the Sea), all fish oil delivered from short lived, deep-sea cold-water wild fish (mainly anchovies and sardines – 100% tuna free!) Large crude oil storage capacity on site 100% human consumption grade of crude oil sourced in partnership with the largest South American fishing companies The VivoMega™ line offers a wide array of concentrates whether high DHA, EPA or Balanced EPA/DHA content in EE or TG form with high concentration capabilities that can go over 800mg/m EPA+DHA.