Postbiotics for Digestive Health and Beyond

Thursday, October 28, 2021 5:20 PM to 5:40 PM


Postbiotics constitute a relatively new category of biotics that present broadening opportunities for makers of dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages. As prebiotic and probiotic products gain popularity to support digestive and overall health in many categories, consumer interest in postbiotics is on a similar trajectory. 

How do postbiotics and gut microbial metabolites support the gut and influence overall well-being? This presentation will provide a deeper scientific understanding of this emerging category of postbiotics and deep dive into how butyrate supplementation can have potential benefits in digestive, immune, metabolic and brain health. 

Key Learning Objectives: 

• Learn about the different categories of postbiotics and gut microbial metabolites 

• Deep dive into the importance of butyrate, a microbial metabolite, to gut and overall health 

• Learn about emerging butyrate delivery technologies that overcome the limitations of butyrate