Unlocking the Power of the Snack

SupplySide Education Series
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Snacking habits are changing across the globe, and consumer lifestyles are becoming busier, leaving less time in the day for traditional meals. This new lifestyle puts heavy emphasis on healthier options and convenience, factors that have become increasingly important to the way consumers across the globe cope with the chaos around them. Hear from brands on how they are using better-for-you ingredients to deliver innovative and on-point snacks to the hungry masses and find out which snack categories present the most opportunity for success. 

This session will cover: 

  • Identifying the snack consumer 
  • The category whitespace and innovative product launches that address personalized nutrition, sports nutrition and children’s nutrition 
  • Ingredient trends, including healthier ingredients and formulation considerations. 
  • CPG fireside chat on how brands are rewriting rules for the healthy snacks category—market opportunities, challenges, COVID effect, etc.